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Thank you for helping us to #ChangeTheRecords of blood donation in the UK.

Next Steps:

1. REGISTER to donate blood using this link https://bit.ly/35Be7rB

2. BOOK your blood donation appointment at your local blood donor centre. NOTE: If you are based in Birmingham, you can book to come to our blood drive at the Legacy COE on 19 June.

3. SPREAD THE WORD. We are encouraging everyone to share their blood donation journey on social media using the hashtag #changetherecords and tagging @myfriendjenintl. We also suggest if possible that you bring one person with you who has never donated before as seeing you helping to change the records may motivate them to do the same.

Support the campaign

If you are not able to donate blood for whatever reason but would still like to support the campaign:

1. Keep an eye out on your emails and we will be in touch soon.

2. Follow us on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) @myfriendjenintl and share any related content.

3. Help us to spread the word by directing people to our campaign page myfriendjen.co.uk/changetherecords