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In early 2022 we launched a new year-long campaign to #ChangeTheRecords of the amount of black people that donate blood in the UK.

Since then, the #ChangeTheRecords campaign has been recognized and used by many organisations from the UK to the Caribbean, all with the same objective; encouraging more people of black heritage to donate blood. Our aim now is to continue to grow the campaign and team with as many organisations as possible for a bigger and better impact.

change the records blood donation campaign

Book Donation Project

We are on a mission to donate our books to sickle cell organisations all over the world. So far we have donated our books to organisations in The Gambia, Nigeria & Jamaica. 

Where should we take our project next?

Nigeria sickle cell book donation

The NATE Project

Nurture. Advocate. Thrive. Educate.

The NATE Project is centred around supporting individuals impacted by health disparities, with a specific focus on sickle cell.

School Engagement Project

My Friend Jen have teamed up with Sickle Cell & Thalassaemia Ireland to do a joint school education project.

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