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Welcome to our award-winning children’s picture books that educate readers about sickle cell.

The main aim of our children’s books on sickle cell is to promote sickle cell awareness and to give young children with sickle cell peace of mind and confidence to not feel limited by their condition.

my friend jen series of sickle cell books

A Little Different

A Little Different is the first book in the My Friend Jen series and was released in August 2016. It explains the basics of sickle cell and how to stay well with the condition. Written in a fun and rhythmic way, this book makes it easy for everyone to learn about sickle cell. The message within this book is to help children to realise that there is nothing they cannot do.


The Check Up

The Check Up is the sequel in the My Friend Jen series and will officially be released in March 2020 on World Book Day. This book follows Jen to the hospital for her sickle cell check-up. It has the same fun and rhyming format as the first book but this one encourages children to keep going and keep winning no matter what.

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