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In 2022 as part of The NATE Project we launched a new campaign to #ChangeTheRecords of the amount of black people that donate blood.  

This campaign is particularly important for people who need regular transfusions (like those living with sickle cell and/or thalassaemia). They often rely on specially matched blood, in particular Ro blood, which is 10x more common in people of Black African or Black Caribbean heritage.

One Year On...

At the time we launched the #changetherecords campaign, according to NHSBT 2020/21 records, there were 12,633 black heritage and mixed ethnicity blood donors, which made up around 1.5% of the total number of blood donors in the UK. 

One year on, through the support of this campaign and many others, the NHSBT 2021/22 records show that the amount of blood donors of black heritage and
mixed ethnicity has increased to 17,400. 
43% of those blood donations were of the Ro subtype.

International Partnerships

In 2022, sickle cell organisation ‘Warriors Unite JA took on the #ChangeTheRecords campaign encouraging more people to donate blood in Jamaica, West Indies.

This year, we are continuing the campaign and have partnered with umbrella organisation ‘European Sickle Cell Federation’ to increase the number of blood donors across countries in Europe.

How you can get involved and help us to #ChangeTheRecords

1. Click here and register to donate blood.

2. Register to donate blood at your local blood donor centre using the link above.

3. Use the Hashtag #ChangeTheRecords and share your blood donation journey on social media — from registering to donating, we want to cheer you on!

4. Complete the form below to show your support for the campaign and receive updates on our community blood drives and events.

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What if I am unable / not ready to donate blood?

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