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A Different Type of Flight

Missing my besties 30th birthday trip to Dubai last year due to sickle cell complications left me feeling absolutely gutted. I knew there was no way I could top a memorable trip to Dubai but when I found out that a Dubai experience would be coming back to London, I figured that’s as close as I was going to get.

The London In The Sky dining experience was absolutely fabulous. Strapped in and elevated 100ft in the sky, sipping on prosecco and then some wine, taking in the spectacular views of Canary Wharf, The Thames and of course The O2, all while our chef prepared our 3 course lunch right infront of us; I couldn’t quite imagine anything more fabulous than this!

As a food lover with an apetite larger than what you’d imagine, I have to say that every course tasted amazing and was actually filling. As we dined we took pictures and videos whilst jamming to some good music — my day was made when I heard some Beyoncé.

As the table literally rotated in the sky to give everyone the opportunity to get a good back drop, our waiter turned into the photographer you always need in your life; doing the most to get us the perfect shot. Lol.

After a truly enjoyable feet dangling experience in the air, we spent a couple more hours drinking and chilling on the sun chairs in the garden area on the ground. Thankfully we chose the perfect day as we relished in around 21° weather.

Overall this was an experience well worth it and if you fancy it you can get 10% off with my discount code:


Book soon though as the experience is only here until 15th July 2019.

If I was to tally up how much money I’ve lost out on due to missing flights and cancelling holidays as a result of sickle cell complications, the total would probably make me cry. Experiences like this however can make up for not being able to travel. Check out what fabulous activities you can find near by, you never know what gems may be in a city near you. Xx

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