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Life With Sickle Cell: #SHECAN365 Project

Jenica Leah shares more about her life with sickle cell

Children’s author Jenica Leah shares her story of life with sickle cell.

Day 320 of the #SheCan365 Project promotes triumph as Jenica Leah shares more about her life with sickle cell and the complications she has experienced as a result of this invisible condition.

At just six weeks old, I was diagnosed with a genetic condition called Sickle Cell Anemia.”

Jenica Leah shares her journey with sickle cell

Not only does this feature reveal more truths about the author, it also gives further insight into what it can be like to live with sickle cell on a daily basis and spreads awareness of the condition to a new and wider audience.

We also learn more about what the award winning book series is based on and details of the launch of the second book in the My Friend Jen Series.

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Living with SCA is a battle and I’ve always been told what I can’t do. I want everyone to prove themselves right – regardless of who they prove wrong in the process.

Jenica Leah talks about life with sickle cell

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