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Sickle Cell Awareness Month 2019 with Madeline Wilson-Ojo


This year for sickle cell awareness month, author Jenica Leah is in conversation with Madeline Wilson-Ojo discussing her journey and the My Friend Jen children’s book series about sickle cell.

Sharing awareness of sickle cell with answers to some original questions like “What has been the best part about producing and promoting this book so far?” and “How has living with sickle cell affected your life?”  You can learn a lot more about the author and the award winning children’s book series My Friend Jen.

“The impact that it has had internationally. Since I struggled to find a publisher and decided to self-publish instead, I honestly never imagined that My Friend Jen would have the reach that it has had across the world. I have visited Nigeria and Gambia as a result of it and also been contacted by organisations and haematologists from places such as Antigua, Jamaica and the USA.”

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“If you Google the complications related to sickle cell, there are only two, possibly three that I haven’t been affected by. I missed time off school, time out of college, and have in the past discharged myself from hospital as that seemed like a better option than being the annoying co-worker that made others have to work overtime because I was sick again. Sickle cell has even been the reason guys have broken up with me and I have broken up with
them. Despite all this however sickle cell has taught me how to be strong, how to see the good in what seems like a bad situation and how to make the most out of life.”

Sickle cell awareness in a book by Jenica Leah

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