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6 Women Using Their Platforms To Raise Awareness

Yes, International Women’s Day was on Monday 8th March however, we have been celebrating amazing women in the sickle cell community all week long. For those of you that read our blogs but are not on Instagram, we thought it would be a great idea to share with you all the women we have been celebrating this week. Here are 6 fantastic women using their platforms to raise awareness of sickle cell.


We celebrated the beautiful @stylemealiya who shares makeup, fashion and all things sickle cell.
Aliya shares her journey living with sickle cell as a blogger for the Sickle Cell Society and is always sending love and prayers to other warriors in her posts.
Slaying Sickle Cell is what she does 24/7 and we see and appreciate you sis.


We celebrated the amazing mother daughter duo @ciannassmile who run a non-profit organisation to raise sickle cell awareness.
Cianna lives with sickle cell and her mum Hayley is the founder of Ciannas Smile and a great ambassador for sickle cell. They organise coffee mornings, family days out, fundraising events and awareness campaigns.
We love Ciannas Smile as they believe awareness is key to breaking the myths, stigmas and misunderstandings of sickle cell, as do we.


We celebrated a fitness Goddess @sicklefitkech who is raising awareness about sickle cell through fitness.
Nkechi shares fitness tips, workout videos and nutritious meal ideas that will make your mouth water. All intertwined with her life living with sickle cell.
Thank you for incorporating fitness into sickle cell. We see you and we appreciate you.


We celebrated the wonderful host behind @theinvisiblecrisispod which is all about health, happiness and life with a chronic and invisible illness.
Saadiya started this podcast not only because she lives with sickle cell but because she found an interest in the idea that good health is about taking an all-round approach; mind, body and soul.
As well as Saadiya sharing her journey, her podcasts features conversations with others that live with chronic conditions and experts in health and happiness.
We can’t wait to hear more girl. Thank you for sharing!


We celebrated the strong mummy behind @crescentkids which is a UK based charity supporting kids with sickle cell.
As a mum to a young warrior you will find many useful tips on this page. In particular ways to manage sickle cell with natural treatments and holistic remedies which we are all for.
The charity itself provides much needed support as well as wellness packs, hospital kits and are currently working on an app to empower both children and parents.
Being a mum to a sickle cell warrior is a whole job in itself and we praise you for all that you are doing. Thank you!


We celebrated the phenomenal @hersickledjourney sharing an insight into her journey living with sickle cell as well as tips and bits of motivation for other warriors.

Not only does Tito use her IG platform, she also uses her voice and experience as a columnist for BIO News Services and on her own personal blog.

We understand it can take a lot to open your world up to others and show them what it’s like living with sickle cell. We value everything that you share with the world. Thank you!


With this day being Mothering Sunday in the Uk, we are celebrating all the mothers and mother figures who are warriors or who support warriors.

Thank you to the amazing women featured in this blog, using their platforms to raise awareness of sickle cell. We salute and appreciate everything you do.

If you have any women you would like to celebrate, let us know in the comments.

6 instagram platforms run by women that spread awareness of sickle cell.

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