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Cold War

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During this period of seasonal tension between Autumn and Spring, defence tactics against the cold are crucial to staying well. We can’t stay locked up throughout the winter and I for one can admit to myself that I wont be attending every party or social event in a jumpsuit. Not every day cover up, sometimes skin out (pun intended) lol.

When I was a teen, it was always a battle between looking good, keeping warm and not missing out. It wasn’t until I got older that I realised the way to win the war is actually to find a balance between them all. As such, here are a few defence tactics that I use during the cold months.

  • Protect your weak points.

Just like all armour, our bodies will have weak points. It took me years of backless, strapless and low-cut fashion trends before I discovered that that my weakest point is my chest area, followed by my back and shoulders. If either of these parts of my body are exposed to the cold for too long, it’s likely that a sickle cell crisis will follow. My strongest points are actually my legs, so I can let those baddies out any time of the year!.. Within reason.

Take the time to try and figure out where your weak points are and protect yourself accordingly.

  • There’s strength in numbers.

In this case I’m talking about the number of layers. There is nothing worse than feeling cold and not being able to do anything about it. Layers are my secret weapon; no one can see the thermal vest under a chic silk shirt and the shirt is still chic under a cute warm cardigan. Granted, no one knows the amount of times I’ve had to get undressed in the restroom and hide vests in my bag because they actually didn’t have the ac blasting during the winter (true events), but I’d rather be hot and take things off, than be too cold and have to go home (also true events).

  • If you’re not strong enough, save the fight for another day.

Being in tune with your body and your condition is an extremely valuable ability to have, as it means you can sometimes avoid a crisis… Or few. If you know you’re not feeling 100%, are tired and / or have a few aches and niggly pains, then you are probably more vulnerable trying to fight against this cold than you care to admit. It took a very long time and many hospital admissions for me to be honest enough to admit this to myself. Now I know when it’s best to stay home in a onesie and build my strength to fight another day.


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