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Feeling Fearless in 2020

Happy New Year People!

It’s the first Monday of 2020 and my first post of the year.

This post is more about setting the tone of the blog and what is to come in 2020; as I continue to notice a trend of common topics that are always spoken about relating to sickle cell and not many people sharing the deeper, darker realities of the condition.

With many people now seeing social media as a literal depiction of real life, I for one am guilty of sharing this surface level view of what it’s like to live with sickle cell anaemia. My reason for not sharing my deeper reality before now, has purely been out of fear.

Fear of people feeling sorry for me.

Fear of making those closest to me feel helpless and / or guilty

Fear of re-visiting experiences which I have intentionally tried to forget.

After thinking long and hard about these fears and being honest with myself, I recognised that overcoming them would not only be a huge benefit to me but will also benefit others who may have had similar experiences. It will also enlighten people on some of the uncommon topics related to sickle cell and encourage new conversations.

So I hope you’re ready for the topics to come. Some are sad, some are embarrassing, 1 or 2 may even be laughable but they will all be deeper truths than what I have shared so far.

Fearless is my theme this year and I shall have no limits!

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