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In Sickness and in Health…

Dear future husband…

Thank you for having the ability and strength to make the promises you have made to me. Most people may not consider the meaning of such words, but you would have already admired me at my best, still loved me at my worst, kept me going in sickness and appreciated me in health.

Thank you for sticking by me and not breaking my heart after 5 years, because it took you that long to realise that maybe my sickle cell was too much for you to handle, and you didn’t want me to be a burden to your life.

Thank you for not seeing me as anything less than ‘normal’, and for not conjuring an idea that there are somehow things you would be able to do with someone else that you would never be able to do with me.

Thank you for being my rock through a recovery I thought would be impossible, instead of implying that somehow you being there for me would stop you from living your life.

Thank you for not draining my strength, and then mocking my weakness at a time when I was most vulnerable.

Thank you for not using my health as an excuse to not say or do something that’s really on your mind.

Thank you for all the times you have been willing to put in the work when I’ve been too tired to put it down like i do.

Thank you for accepting me, flaws ‘n’ all, and for your patience and understanding throughout our partnership.

Thank you for not allowing sickle cell to get in the way of our Love.

Truly Yours.

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