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Tay’s Reading Club

Tayshelice with her My Friend Jen book about sickle cell
Tayshelice at the My Friend Jen Book Launch

Tayshelice is 6 years old and has sickle cell anaemia. This means she is more at risk if she contracts COVID-19 so she is self isolating / shielding to stay safe.

Tay is reading to all the children in the world that are at home and unable to go to school because of the COVID-19 virus ??.

Since being in isolation, Tay has been reading a book every single day and is making a big difference to every day lives.

Day #14 of Tay’s Reading Club was our new book, My Friend Jen: The Check Up

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Thank you Tayshelice for educating the world about sickle cell anaemia.


  • Nickeisha Smith
    April 6, 2020

    Great job Tay keep being an inspiration to others in this pandemic crisis

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