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Ahead Of The Game And Living With Sickle Cell – By Sadeh Sophia

Clinical pharmacist Sadeh Sophia living with sickle cell
Sadeh Sophia, 28.

5 Skills That Put Me Ahead Of The Game Thanks To Sickle Cell.

Living with sickle cell, aged 8, at OSCAR Sandwell’s summer project I proudly pronounced that I wanted to be a pharmacist. 20 years and a 1st Class Masters with Honours later, I am a great clinical pharmacist with 4 years experience and counting.

Going through university and managing my worsening sickle cell crisis and complications was a 24/7 job itself. However these circumstances made it even more important that I didn’t stop until I had got my Masters and passed the professional exam to qualify as a pharmacist, even when at times it was to my detriment….but why? Well not only was this chosen profession my passion but it would also allow me to have career flexibility. I had to accept that my sickle cell might mean I would need to become self-employed or take breaks from working depending on how badly the crisis and complications become in the future.

18 years old and writing my personal statement for my university application is when it hit me. Living with sickle cell had given me unique skills, understanding and levels of empathy highly sort after when recruiting healthcare professionals especially. As they can only be acquired by first had experience, which I have in droves! 28 years in fact – Thanks Sickle Cell!

Here are some of the skills that I believe anyone living with sickle cell will have that can put you ahead of the game in any job:

  • Empathy. First-hand experience of a patient’s perspective – if you’re working in healthcare
  • Resilience. Overcoming personal challenges and still getting on with the rest of life
  • Appreciation. Understanding it not all it seems from just looking at someone – holistic care if you’re working in healthcare
  • Communication. With people of different ages and professions, thanks to years of talking with nurses and doctors. 
  • Prioritisation. Juggling hospital appointments, medication schedules, unexpected sickness, social life and education etc.

You can follow my journey on instagram @sadehsophia

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