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Sickle Cell and Coronavirus

Top Tips For Those With Sickle Cell

Author Jenica Leah has shared her Top Tips on sickle cell and coronavirus in a recent blog post, for anyone who may be looking for some clarity.

Also in self isolation during this pandemic, Jenica Leah will be sharing her Top Tips on a variety of subjects to assist everyone during this difficult time. With tips on strengthening your immune system and social detoxing, to tips on getting your children involved with your daily activities; one of which was featured in a recent Forbes article, there will be tips we can all gain some value from.

Forbes contribution by specialist speaker on sickle cell Jenica Leah
Forbes contribution from Jenica Leah

Guidance and information for sickle cell patients and COVID-19

With the growing concern we all have about the risks of coronavirus and the affect it may have on sickle cell, you can find regular updates and guidance from the NHS and UK Government Response.

Best advice has been for individuals with sickle cell to be stringent in social distancing and stay home where possible. If you will be staying home, remember to drink plenty and keep warm.

Coronavirus Quarantine Activities

As well as sharing tips on her blog, Jenica Leah will also be sharing more content for all our readers and subscribers, including story time. If you would like to read along with Jen, be sure to purchase your copy of both books here. If you have any suggestions on topics you would like the author to share tips on or discuss in videos, please let us know in the comments.

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