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Most people love this time of year, but I’m the complete opposite. Apart from the food and family time that comes with the festive holidays, I just feel like winters should be cancelled.

The thing I despise most about this time of year is the UK weather; why is it cold, wet and grey almost every single day? Those that know what sickle cell is, will know that the cold can be a major trigger for a sickle crisis (one of the most common and most painful symptoms of sickle cell). It is for this very reason why I dislike winter so much and in particular used to dislike dressing to suit the weather.

I used to associate dressing warm in winter with dark, boring colours and having to be completely covered. Black was my winter wardrobe for years; along with thick denier tights, full length jeans / leggings, long sleeves and turtlenecks. But believe me, dull clothes and dull weather can lead to a really dull life.

So as much as winter is still not my fave time of year, I try and do my best to brighten it up with my wardrobe. A pop of colour can make all the difference to a winter look and help your days to be merry and bright.

Side Note: I try staying away from greens since I already have enough in common with the grinch. Lol.


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